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International entertainer with a reputation for his high-energy shows, Curtis Labelle is one of the highest in demand, recognized for his electrifying performance on the piano and his soaring rock vocals. His invigorating performances are characterized by charisma and excitement, and he's known for thrilling audiences at concerts and musical events worldwide. 


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You Found Me
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When local rock pianist and LGBTQ+ advocate Curtis Labelle leaves Red Deer for Ontario, he will be leaving some personal mementoes behind.

His glittery blue stage costume, fur-trimmed cloak, touring cases and purple baby grand piano will remain in the collection of the Red Deer Museum and Art Gallery — while some of Labelle’s personal documents and photos will be in the possession of the Red Deer Archives.

Labelle, who’s moving east with his husband Jared at the end of June, was recently contacted by the archives and museum to see if there were any personal possessions he wanted his hometown to keep for posterity.

Kim Verrier, the museum’s exhibits coordinator, said Labelle has lived in Red Deer since the age of three and has made many positive contributions to the community.

His story is woven into Red Deer’s history, so Verrier said the museum, wants to hold on to a few of Labelle’s personal items to help fill out its collection of artifacts from the local music scene.

Just as the museum’s visual arts collection is expanding, staff now want to do the same with local performing arts holdings, she explained.

Labelle said feels honored to be asked to donate some artifacts that will become part of Red Deer’s historic record.

                                                              Lana Michelin
                                                              Red Deer Advocate


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