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The 2nd International Powwow 2022 is being held in Red Deer, Alberta Canada at the Peavy Mart Centrium.  When the invitation was sent to Curtis Labelle by the events organizer, Curtis Labelle immediately responded in joy and gratitude for such an offering.  


This was the invitation to perform on Youth Day for 5000 screaming youth excited to share in the joy of music and art, through the Indigenous community.  

The youth are very important and they are the future leaders.  A lot of our Indigenous youth are faced with Generational Trauma and are on a healing journey.  The youth day will put our youth in front of some of the most successful Indigenous artist and influencers in North America.

We want our youth to see that Indigenous people can succeed and live a strong healthy life.  

All youth organizations, First Nations, Local School Divisions, ages 7-35 have been invited.  This will be an epic jam packed event of Indigenous and Cultural Entertainment and Education all wrapped into one.


Curtis Labelle, will be performing on Lady Lavender (his well known purple grand piano) and his original music.  You can expect to hear a rocking acoustic version of singles such as "Run Run Away", "Pawn in my Shade", "Five Finger Dance", "Rise Above" and more! 

A BIG THANK YOU to all of the Indigenous community, Elders, our youth and support for bringing cultural moments like this to the heart.

Knowledge and Art bring POWER!


Heading to St. Thomas, Ontario after a 75 day National tour across Canada, Curtis Labelle joined the stage at the 1st Annual St. Thomas Summer Harvest Festival with other great artists "Crash Adams", "Beverley Mahood", "Rebecca Rain", Dani Doucette" and many more. 


The St. Thomas Summer Harvest Festival’s mission is simple: to have an incredible once-per-year celebration. STTSHF is setup to be a celebration of what people love about St. Thomas: community, summer, beauty, comradery – and music. Summer Harvest Festival is not just a music festival – it is a weekend-long manifestation of everything that makes St. Thomas, St. Thomas – and aims to have as many local residents enjoy the kinship we share and visitors experience the warm hospitality we offer.


The name ‘summer harvest’ has an appropriate definition that serves a purpose: “a time of blossoming, greatest happiness” and is widely recognized as a time in the calendar year to gather together with friends, neighbors and family to celebrate the bounty of the summer. What better way is there to end the summer than to bring together over 10,000 residents to sing, dance and laugh together?


Summer Harvest Festival will utilize a cornerstone of the St. Thomas’ beauty – Pinafore Park – as a place to celebrate ‘summer in St. Thomas’.


We've come so far and yet we still have a long way to go.  Words that have been said for many years as society grows and educates themselves on the inclusion of all persons.  For Curtis Labelle and the LGBTQ2+ community, there have been many turns and derailments on that long road to change and inclusivity.  AS a proud gay individual, husband and community member, it was important to continue to spread the awareness of being true to your "PRIDE", in all definition and form of the word.  


The High On Pride Tour 2022 was the direction Curtis Labelle and his team went.  A national tour that started March 4, 2022 and ended May 18, 2022.   Across Canada, with solo performances and full band shows, Curtis Labelle with the support of his family and friends back home and the team traveling beside him spread the message of diversity, inclusion and acceptance in all performance and venue settings.

The journey and experience was one to be had.  Not all days were roses and daisy's.  There were moments of hate and violence, to which the resolution was always peaceful.  However the evidence was clear.  We still have a lot of work to do.  


In June 2022, at Central Alberta Pride, Curtis Labelle was awarded Ambassador to the City of Red Deer, and recognized for his advocacy in the LGBTQ2+ community, locally, provincially and nationally.  The honor was huge and greatly appreciated and heartfully accepted.  The only thing constant is change.  Change creates perception.  We must continue working together, supporting each other and to stay strong with power, and pride.  

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